The name SPOPHY was created by combining the beginnings of the words “SPOrts” and “PHYsiotherapy”. Spophy aims to meet the high requirements of therapeutic aids from sports physiotherapists and their demanding clients.Spophy develops top products suitable for the rehabilitation and regeneration of athletes, contributing to the prevention and treatment of sports injuries in addition to the load compensation and increasing performance through innovative training procedures. As logo, the company has chosen the outline of a tiger, which is the embodiment of speed, strength and dexterity – physical boundaries every athlete tries to push.

All Spophy products are created based on the demand for top therapeutic aids that makes the work of the sports physiotherapist easier. We rely on the practical experience of top sports therapists and listen to their needs.


As a sports physiotherapist your goal is to restore, maintain and enhance the speed, strength and dexterity of your clients. Spophy’s goal is to help you on this journey.

Awaken the beast in your clients!

At Spophy, we develop top products for you, such as Recovery Massage Oil, which is popular with therapists representing sports across the field, but also the athletes themselves, who especially appreciate its regenerative effects.

Spophy supports a number of international athletes, including Olympic medalists and their therapists. That’s why you will see the best of them in the Spophy Fashion collection.


Spophy Recovery Massage Oil 500 ml

Spophy Recovery Massage Oil is light and spreads thoroughly with ease creating the perfect glide. It was developed to accelerate recovery. This product is made of natural ingredients. It is suitable for all skin types. Experience the feeling of a professional recovery massage!

Spophy Compression and Recovery Socks

Anatomically-shaped Compression and Recovery Socks promote blood circulation and soothe tired legs and feet. They are designed to apply gradual pressure to help the circulatory system by enhancing muscle blood flow and oxygenation, as well as accelerating recovery. 

Spophy Cupping Set

Cupping cups are used for special massage techniques. The ergonomic shape allows for comfortable use. Cupping treatment uses a vacuum created in the cup which relieves pressure from muscle tissue. Enjoy this treatment with quality-proven Spophy cups.