Work on your self-development with the Spophy Academy!


Spophy Academy is an educational platform that enables better education of sports physiotherapists, nutrition therapists, doctors, fitness trainers, health professionals and the general public. We focus on the preparation and organization of educational events, courses, and conferences in a physical or online environment. Online learning is now gaining more and more prominence and more and more people prefer this way of self-development. Take the opportunity to learn about modern trends in sports therapy directly from the comfort of your home.

Thanks to Spophy Academy every professional can easily and comfortably access much necessary and interesting information from the world of sports therapy and then share them with other top experts in the field. The main aim of Spophy academy is that every professional or graduate working in a sports environment will find the overall concept of offering courses in one place. Our goal is to create a wide network of educated experts in sports physiotherapy, fitness training and fitness in the Czech Republic and abroad. Spophy Academy forms a bridge between all professionals working in the sports environment and creates a unique platform for real interdisciplinary cooperation. The basis of Spophy Academy is built on current scientific knowledge, but also the rich personal experience of our lecturers. At our academy, we believe that extraordinary and world-class performance can be achieved by each professional and his/her sports trustee when they are provided with the right information and tools.

For whom are the courses intended?

You can decide which course or package of courses to take, based on your education within and also outside the Spophy academy. Some educational events are available to everyone, from doctors to the general public, while other educational events can be available, for example, only to doctors and physiotherapists, or to university students in the given fields. Individual educational events can differ from each other in difficulty and logically also in the complexity itself for potential participants. Some courses are divided into several parts and each participant can participate in each level of the training event, only after completing the previous unit.

Participants collect credits for individual completed educational events, which they can then apply as a discount on other educational events, on selected Spophy products or after reaching a certain credit limit, participants can take higher-level courses than their currently completed education would allow.

Types of courses     

The individual educational events include full-day or multi-day courses, which serve mainly to acquaint the participants with individual therapeutic methods and tools that can be used in sports therapy. In shorter courses and lectures, participants can get acquainted, for example, with the therapy of the most common diagnoses that occur in the sports environment and consult the issue of these diagnoses with a specialist who has extensive experience with the diagnosis. Individual shorter courses and lectures are also carefully categorized in the curriculum, according to the current period of sports training, the season or the current situation.

Within the Spophy Academy, education is divided into several units, such as nutrition, regeneration, physiotherapy, psychology, working with aids or entrepreneurship. Thanks to this rich offer, you can choose a given course that everyone is really interested in!

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