Spophy Compression and Recovery Socks

Spophy Compression and Recovery Socks are recommended to be used especially in the following cases:

  • High performance sports activities
  • Sitting or standing for prolonged periods of time at work
  • Extensive travel
  • Varicose veins prevention 

Spophy Compression and Recovery Socks are designed for faster regeneration after exercise as well as during sport performance. They are suitable for any activity which requires strenuous leg use. These socks were developed using the latest production technology and combinations of specially-modified fibers. The materials used are designed to wick away moisture and provide antibacterial properties. Features of Spophy Compression and Recovery Socks:

  • High compression
  • Antibacterial protection through use of silver ions
  • High quality of production and materials
  • Comfortable non-restrictive hems
  • Perfect protection under extreme duress
  • Ideal moisture wicking properties
  • High thermal insulation
  • Elastic bandage prevents slipping or creasing
  • Seamless toe The advantage of Spophy Compression and Recovery Socks is its maximum comfort. 

The original material composition, non-restrictive hems, and unique construction of the knitwear provides the feeling of comfort and confidence even in extreme conditions. The highly efficient moisture wicking properties will ensure your feet remain dry. 

Composition: 75% polyamide, 15% polypropylene, 10% elastane

Detail description Spophy Compression and Recovery Socks

Anatomically-shaped Compression and Recovery Socks promote blood circulation and soothe tired legs and feet. They are designed to apply gradual pressure to help the circulatory system by enhancing muscle blood flow and oxygenation, as well as accelerating recovery. Spophy Compression and Recovery Socks reduce fatigue and prevent soreness while used during extensive exercise, and allow for faster breakdown of lactic acid. The reinforced toes, soles, and heels prevent bruises and blisters.