Therapeutic use of Spophy Flossband

The content of the course entitled „Therapeutic use of Spophy Flossband“ is a presentation of the „tissue flossing“ method, which was developed to affect the musculoskeletal, cardiovascular, nervous, and lymphatic systems of the human body.

What is a flossband?

The modern therapeutic method of „tissue flossing“ treatment uses specially designed elastic rubber bands to treat musculoskeletal problems. Flossband is a manual tool that helps therapists achieve full health and higher performance in their patients, or in treated athletes. The therapeutic effect of treatment is achieved primarily by compression of soft tissues and joints, followed by therapeutic treatment and release of the created compression. Since 2013, the use of flossbands has been gaining great popularity in world of physiotherapy, but also in sports training. The use of Spophy Flossbands is suitable for the treatment of the musculoskeletal system at any stage of the disease, whether it is an acute, post-acute or chronic stage. Spophy flossbands are also of great importance in the prevention of musculoskeletal injuries.

Course content

The course is divided into several theoretical and practical units, which are thoroughly divided into two intensive days so that participants have as much time and opportunity to get acquainted in detail with the principles and techniques of using Spophy Flossband.

Theoretical part of the course

In the theoretical part, course participants will learn about the basics of using Spophy Flossband, the basic goals of therapy that the therapist is trying to achieve, the materials, properties and care of Spophy Flossband tapes. A large chapter in the theoretical part is the explanation of the mechanisms of the effect of flossing tapes on the human body. The course participants will learn new information or combine their knowledge of gain control theory, soft tissue rehydration, reactive hyperemia, thixotropic properties of synovial fluid and amorphous intercellular mass, but also review knowledge of joint blockages, fascial chains or muscle tension and regeneration. Part of the theoretical part is also the so-called „Evidence-based medicine“, which contains summarized and clear information from the latest research works, which have dealt with the method of „tissue flossing“ in recent years. The theoretical part consists of the general principles of application of Spophy flossbands, in which participants learn what is the ideal treatment time, what tension to apply Spophy Flossband to individual structures, how to determine the place and direction of tape application and what flossband treatment techniques can be applied.

Practical part of the course

In the practical part, the course participants will try out various application techniques, such as „shifting technique“, „compression technique“ or „rebound“ technique. Furthermore, the participants of the course will try out the possibilities of various applications of Spophy flossbands which include, fascial, muscular, joint or lymphatic application etc. The participants will practically try out the differences, for example, in the treatment of different fascial lines, how it is possible to treat trigger points in different muscles, how to work systematically to adjust muscle tension and what possibilities Spophy Flossband offers in joint treatment with limited „joint play“. Participants of the course „Therapeutic use of Spophy Flossband“ will also have a lot of time to test the immediate effects of therapy during two days and the opportunity to compare the state before and after treatment with Spophy flossbands. Part of the practical part is also the practice of application in individual periods after a traumatic injury, thanks to which the therapist is able to shorten the time required for the rehabilitation of the patient or athlete.

Combination of Spophy Flossband with other therapeutic methods

As part of the course „Therapeutic use of Spophy Flossband“, participants will also learn how Spophy Flossband can be appropriately combined with other treatment methods or rehabilitation aids to achieve an immediate and long-lasting effect of the therapy. The course participants will try a combination of the „tissue flossing“ method with the kinesiological taping method, a combination with the use of percussion therapy using a modern Theragun device or the possibility of using the Spophy Flossband in combination with a massage roller or Spophy Cupping Set. However, Spophy Flossband can be combined with almost any method of treatment and their successful inclusion in other therapeutic concepts and methods is one of the main goals of the course.

What will you know after completing our two-day intensive flossing course?

After completing the course „Therapeutic use of Spophy Flossband“, participants will be able to effectively use Spophy Flossband to treat orthopedic, neurological and functional disorders of the musculoskeletal system. They will also be able to accurately determine the most optimal location and desired structure for treatment, determine the correct direction and tension of the flossing tape, correctly select the appropriate application technique and decide on appropriate indications and contraindications for the use of Spophy flossing tape. Course participants will be able to use the „tissue flossing“ method to reduce the perception of nociception in the area, to treat fascia and fascial chains, to remove joint blockages, to support blood circulation and muscle nutrition, to adjust proprioception, to affect the patient psyche, to remove trigger points in the muscles and to positively influence muscle chaining and muscle tension.

For whom is the course intended?

The Therapeutic Use of Spophy Flossband course is primarily designed for doctors, physiotherapists and physiotherapy students, but it can definitely be completed by masseurs, sports coaches, fitness coaches or even sports enthusiasts. (Knowledge of anatomy and physiology is welcome, but not necessary for completing the course Therapeutic use of Spophy Flossband).

Upon successful completion of the course, each participant will receive a certificate of completion of the Therapeutic Use of Spophy Flossband course.

Course lecturer

“Every patient can heal on his own if they are directed to the right path and provided with the right tools and information. Instead of pain controlling the patient’s life, each patient manages to control the pain in his life. ”

The lecturer of the course is Mgr. Ján Pisarčík. In addition to working in the medical facility Rehabilitation Rehasport, Ján works as the chief physiotherapist of the Rehasport OCR Elite Team. He received his bachelor’s degree from the Faculty of Medicine of Masaryk University in Brno. He completed his master’s degree at the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport, Charles University in Prague. During his studies, he participated in several professional courses in the field of physiotherapy and fitness in the Czech Republic, but also abroad. He completed professional internships under the guidance of experienced physiotherapists in SK Slavia Prague and ASC Dukla Prague.
In the past, he was professionally involved in football, he was a member of the Slovak youth team and a player of ŠK Slovan Bratislava in the youth categories. That is why he uses his physiotherapeutic knowledge most often to treat professional and performance athletes. In his practice, he collaborates with the Czech national team in speed canoeing, with several Olympians, World or European champions, Czech representatives and other top athletes.
Ján is the founder and main lecturer of a two-day course entitled „Therapeutic use of Spophy Flossband“. As the only Czech or Slovak physiotherapist, he is part of Therabody University based in the USA and holds a „Master Trainer certificate“. Thanks to this, he is also the main lecturer of the one-day course „Therapeutic use of Theragun“. As part of his education, he also writes informative articles for the public and makes educational videos from the environment of physiotherapy. In his practice, he most often uses elements from McKenzie methodologies, PNF, DNS, soft and mobilization techniques. He likes to use tissue flossing and kinesiotaping from practical therapeutic techniques.

Mgr. Ján Pisarčík