Cupping Set


The main advantages of Spophy silicone cupping cups are:

  • Easy maintenance and disinfection
  • Indestructability and durability
  • Compatible with other great Spophy products
  • Reasonable price

How to use Silicone Cupping Cups

  • Use only clean and disinfected tools
  • Clean the skin at the application area
  • Use Spophy Recovery Massage Oil to soften the skin or increase lubrication
  • Squeeze the top to expel the air from the cup and place it on the application area
  • If you are applying the cups, wait for the vacuum to lift the tissue
  • Do not leave the cups for too long on any one part of the body to avoid bruising
  • Move the cups gently during the massage and avoid skin irritation

For use by trained professionals only. Improper use of Spophy cups can cause injury. Use only as recommended. Do not leave Spophy cups for too long on any one part of the body. Skin marks may temporarily remain after cupping. Skin sensitivity may be temporarily increased after treatment. Do not cup over veins or major arteries. Do not use on wounds, fresh scars, sunburned or broken skin: including irritated skin, eczema, and skin inflammations. Consult a doctor prior to using Spophy cups if your patient is pregnant.


Diabetes, varicose veins, lesions, tumors, cancer, heart disease or other medical conditions including blood thinners intake.

Do not use Spophy cups if damaged or defective. Do not place in dishwasher. Wash in warm soapy water. Do not freeze, heat, or boil. Keep out of reach of children and pets. These safety instructions are not cupping guidelines and therefore, not a substitute for appropriate training in cupping. Spophy cups are made of silicone and can cause allergic reactions. Free of latex, pvc, and phthalates.

Dimensions (diameter of the inner cup):

  • 30 mm
  • 40 mm
  • 50 mm
  • 65 mm

Detail description Spophy Cupping Set

The set consist of four professional Spophy Cups. The cups are made from medical silicone and are of various diameters. They can be cupped effectively without use of fire or vacuum pump. Instead the cups are easily applied by simply squeezing the upper part of the cup. The optimal vacuum created under the cup lifts the tissues and stimulates blood circulation. Spophy Cups can be used for fascia massage, for muscle relaxation or activation, or for effective regeneration or lymphatic massage. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, it could also aid in the release of meridian and energy pathways during application. To speed up regeneration after physical aktivity, it is recommended to use the cups in combination with Spophy Recovery Massage Oil.