Spophy Silicone Bracelet

Highlight your personality with the Spophy Silicone Wristband.

Are you a sports physiotherapist? Do you want to be seen and recognized? Become a part of the Spophy brand! The silicone wristband from the Spophy fashion series will highlight your personality and recognition in the world of sports physiotherapy.

Size: 202 x 12 x 2 mm

Spophy Compression and Recovery Socks

Anatomically-shaped Compression and Recovery Socks promote blood circulation and soothe tired legs and feet. They are designed to apply gradual pressure to help the circulatory system by enhancing muscle blood flow and oxygenation, as well as accelerating recovery. 

Spophy Cotton Bag

The Spophy Cotton Bag is practical for carrying and storing the cupping cups, kinesiology tapes or flossband. Ideal for sports therapists. Be part of Spophy fashion with the Spophy Cotton Bag.

Dimensions: 155 x 160 mm, bottom diameter 100 mm