Spophy Flossband

Detail description Spophy Flossband

Spophy Flossband compression therapeutic bands are a great tool in sports physiotherapy. The Flossband equips therapists to aid athletes in maximizing their sports performance and overall health.
The elastic properties of the Spophy Flossband allow for the compression the damaged or overloaded areas in the musculoskeletal system. Applying compression leads to faster regeneration of fascia, tendons, muscles and joints.

The application of the Spophy Flossband should be combined with the subsequent manual treatment of fascia, the mobilization of joints or with active and passive movements in a body segment related to given movement. The combination of physical movement with the application of the compression band restores flexibility and mobility to all soft tissues which are very often mutually limited in the movement. This directly increases the range of joint movement. The resulting reflective blood perfusion
after removing the compression band from the applied area helps to remove unwanted metabolic products from the damaged area and supply the necessary nutrients and fluids, which naturally improves cell regeneration. In addition, the application of the Spophy Flossband stimulates the surface receptors in the skin which alleviates chronic and acute pain of the musculoskeletal system according to the “gate pain control theory”. The application of the Spophy Flossband significantly reduces pain and post- traumatic swelling in the case of an acute injury.

Unlike many other compression therapeutic bands, Spophy Flossband is made of high-quality natural rubber, which ensures a long life and lasting elasticity. This makes Spophy Flossband practically indestructible even during regular use, in addition to
being easy to maintain.

Spophy Flossband is available in two colors. The appropriate choice depends on the treated area and method of use. The orange Spophy Flossband is more elastic and provides lower compression. It is suitable for the initial application for anyone who has not yet tried the “tissue flossing” method and also for application to smaller joints and muscle areas. The black Spophy Flossband is suitable for use on larger joints and muscle groups. Spophy Flossband is available in a width of 5 cm and a length of 2 m.

Discover the magic of the “tissue flossing” method.