Spophy Cross Tape

Spophy Cross Tape A Non-elastic tape for trigger points. Spophy Cross Tape is significantly beneficial for muscular and vascular difficulties. Spophy Cross Tape contains a hypoallergenic adhesive. Waterproof. Free of latex.

Spophy CBD Oil 5%

Spophy CBD Hemp Oil, containing 5% CBD and rosemary extract, contributes to faster regeneration, pain reduction and, at the same time, speeds up the inflammatory process. In addition, it contains over a hundred types of cannabinoids, including CBD, essential fatty acids, vitamins, minerals and other beneficial substances for the body.


Spophy Recovery Massage Oil

Spophy Recovery Massage Oil is light and spreads thoroughly with ease creating the perfect glide. It was developed to accelerate recovery. This product is made of natural ingredients. It is suitable for all skin types. Experience the feeling of a professional recovery massage!

Spophy Cupping Set

Cupping cups are used for special massage techniques. The ergonomic shape allows for comfortable use. Cupping treatment uses a vacuum created in the cup which relieves pressure from muscle tissue. Enjoy this treatment with quality-proven Spophy cups.

Spophy Flossband

Flossing is a technique using compression and fascial stimulation. The Spophy Flossband is extremely effective in reducing joint pain and improving mobility by increasing local blood flow and circulation. The Spophy Flossband is reusable.